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Precise Eyeliner Pen

Want to draw a razor-sharp winged eyeliner? This is possible with the Precise Eyeliner Pen. This Eyeliner Pen has a nice flexible tip, is extremely black and gives your look a powerful appearance.

With this Eyeliner Pen you can easily draw a super clean line. The eyeliner dries quickly and is smudge proof.

Pro Tip: Do you find it difficult to put a straight line in one go? Then place dots against the eyelash edge and draw lines between the dots to connect them. Voilà the perfect eyeliner!

How to use

Flip the tip of the pen after use for an even more intense black result. To do this, grasp the tip of the liner with tweezers, gently pull it out of the pen and turn it over. Then place the tip back in the pen.

Why we love it

  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginners
  • Extra black colour