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No. 46 Small Filbert Lip Brush

Applying taught lipstick and lipgloss has never been easier! This fine, small lip brush has the perfect size for covering the entire lip with haste. The synthetic fibre bristles pick up the product but don't soak it up for easy application. What is a Filbert Brush you ask? Filbert refers to the shape of the brush, they are a brush with bristles forming a flattened oval head.

Hair type: Sable

Pro Tip: The lip brush can be used to blend the perfect ombre lip, start with lip liner around the edge of the lips then fill centre with lipstick.

How to use

Use brush to apply lipstick or lipgloss of choice perfectly within the lines!

Why we love it

  • Perfect size to fill in lips
  • Synthetic fibre bristles perfect for applying lipstick
  • Sleek black handle