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No. 39 Small Eyeshadow/Camouflage Brush

One brush, two functions, endless looks! The No. 39 Small Eyeshadow/Camouflage Brush can be used to apply both concealer and eyeshadow, whether they're powder or cream based. The synthetic fibres make it ideal for applying cream and liquid products, and the small size makes it perfect for precision when applying eyeshadow.

Hair type: Synthetic

Pro Tip: Synthetic brushes are the best choice for liquid and cream products. Being made from man made fibres, the bristles don't absorb oils and powdery pigments, making them perfect for foundation, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick and any other liquid products. They provide more precision as the bristles tend to cling together and not disperse product.

How to use

Use brush for applying concealer to larger areas of the face, such as the undereyes, or for applying eyeshadows (especially the Durable Eyeshadow Mousse).

Why we love it

  • Synthetic fibre bristles are perfect for applying cream and liquid products
  • Picks up product well for easy application
  • Sleek black handle
  • One brush, multiple uses