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No. 35 Foundation Polish Brush

The best kept secret and favourite among makeup artists... the No. 35 Foundation Polish Brush. With this fine tipped brush, you can apply the perfect foundation in no time.

This brush has a special composition; short natural fibre bristles and long synthetic fibre bristles. With this absolute topper the foundation can be applied evenly and lightly with a covering result.

Hair type: Goat and Synthetic

Pro Tip: When applying foundation start thin and layer for more coverage. Starting too thick will leave you with an extra cakey base.

How to Use

For a natural result, apply your foundation with this brush, working from the centre of your face to the outside. Put your brush straight on the skin surface and make circular movements for a polished effect.

Why we love it

  • Perfect combination of synthetic and natural fibre bristles
  • Flawless foundation every time
  • Sleek black handle
  • Soft bristles gentle on the skin