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Medium Refill Box x5

This small palette offers space for 5 round refills. The luxury palette has a nice soft touch lid and a practical mirror. For the 5 round refills you can choose from our wide range:

Pro Tip: Create one palette that has every product you need, perfect and compact for travelling.

How to use

You easily click the refills into the open slots. With the lighter Eyeshadows, lighter Blushers and Brow Powders, you first have to remove the protective sheet from the sticker on the bottom.

We recommend placing the light colours at the top in the palette and the dark colours at the bottom.

Why we love it

  • Super handy on the go
  • All your favourites in 1 handy box
  • 1 look in 1 box
  • Handy for make-up artists
  • Wide range