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Lip Liner Pencil

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Do you want beautiful full lips? Do you want lipstick that doesn't feather or spread? Then try a Lip Liner Pencil! The use of a lip liner works wonders for your lips.

Full lips are the fashion of today and nothing does so much for your lips than using a lip liner. With a lip liner you can easily update small imperfections. You can also adjust the shape or size of your lip with a lip liner.

Pro Tip: Try using a different coloured lip pencil to your Lipstick and blend, blend, blend for a gorgeous ombre lip look

How to use 

For correcting minor imperfections:

Use a Lip Liner Pencil in the colour of your own lips to fill in small imperfections or possibly change the shape of your lips slightly. With a lip brush you can then fade the line slightly. Then use a lipstick, a gloss, or for a very natural result, some lip care.

For a long lasting result of your lipstick:

Use a lip Liner Pencil in the colour of your lipstick. Apply this on your lip edge and shade it. Then apply your lipstick. The result of your lipstick is much better than if you do not use a Lip Liner and will stay on your lips longer.

Why we love it

  • Corrects imperfections
  • Provides long lasting effect
  • Enhances the shape of your lips