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Durable Eyeshadow Mousse

After the Durable Eyeshadow Mousse you won't want to use anything else! This beautiful eyeshadow mousse is not only great to use as eye shadow but also as the basis for the perfect smokey eye!

The nine different colours of mousse give you endlessly different looks. With 4 bright colours and 5 softer colours, combinations are endless. This mousse is waterproof and stays beautiful during the day. Super suitable for the summer!

Pro Tip: Use this mousse as an eyeliner too! It won't smudge and is guaranteed to be a real eye catcher.

How to use

Spread over the eyelid and then blend immediately to the desired result. For a more subtle effect blend mousse for a longer time.

Also beautiful as a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye! For the best result, use a brush.

Why we love it

  • Long lasting
  • No smudge
  • Ultra shiny effect
  • Waterproof