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Concealer in Box

Concealer in Box Light
Concealer in Box Toffee
Concealer in Box
Concealer in Box Banana
Concealer in Box 3
Concealer in Box Light 2
Concealer in Box Orange
Concealer in Box 1
Concealer in Box 2
Concealer in Box 4
Concealer in Box Green

Hide and correct imperfections with the long-lasting concealer that guarantees perfect results. Also ideal for touch-ups on the go!

Our Concealer is ideal for hiding imperfections such as dark circles, acne, age spots and scars. This Concealer is available in different colours.

Light 1: Light skin tone, yellow undertone.
Light 2: Light skin tone, pink undertone.
1: Light skin tone, pink undertone/rose undertone.
2: Light to medium skin tone, pink/yellow undertone.
3: Medium skin tone, pink/yellow undertone.
Orange: Neutralises dark circles and spots. 
Green: Neutralises redness, couperose, pimples and sunburn.
Fudge: Medium to dark skin tone, yellow undertone.
Toffee: Medium to dark skin tone, yellow/warm undertone. (darker than the Fudge colour)
Banana: Medium skin tone, brightens and smoothes, yellow undertone. 

Pro Tip: Apply a small dot to the skin and blend it with a finger for a quick touch-up.

How to use

For the best result, apply the concealer with a brush. If desired, mix with your fingers for a flawless result. 

Why we love it

  • Full coverage
  • Long-term result
  • Perfect for adjustments on the road