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Concealer Box 6 Colours

With the 6-colour palette you have endless possibilities to camouflage. The box contains the must-have colours orange and green, the universal colours that everyone needs when concealing. Green conceals red bumps and orange blurs blue areas under the eyes. Tackle all problem areas with this handy Concealer box! These boxes are also ideal for not only covering imperfections, but also for camouflaging tattoos.

Pro Tip: Looking for a very specific shade that you just can't seem to find? The cream colours can be easily mixed to create the perfect colour. Do not use on top of powder products. As the concealers are cream they must be used on top of other cream and or liquid products. If setting powder is needed, it should be used after applying this product. The cream consistency will not blend properly on top of powder.

How to use

Using a brush, sponge or fingertips, blend the desired colour over problem areas. Use lighter colours to highlight or even out any imperfections, darker shade is used to contour or add shape, green is used to neutralise any red shades on the face such as acne, and orange neutralises blue tones, use to even out dark spots and dark circles under the eyes.

Why we love it

  • All the colours you need in one convenient box
  • Includes the must-have shades green and orange
  • Perfect for covering all imperfections and even tattoos
  • Perfect for mixing