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Camouflage Stick

Camouflage Stick Red 2
Camouflage Stick Red 1
Camouflage Stick Blue 3
Camouflage Stick Blue 2
Camouflage Stick Blue 1
Camouflage Stick Blue
Camouflage Stick Blue

A must have for every woman; the Camouflage Stick. 

This stick makes small touch ups easier than ever! Whether you’re at a party or on your way to the office, our Camouflage Stick travels with you. This on-the-go stick comes in 6 familiar and existing colours, which are divided into Red and Blue shades. The red camouflage shades neutralise the red zones in the face, while the blue camouflage shades neutralise the blue zones in the face. The Camouflage Stick can be applied with or without foundation and is suitable for all skin types. Impurities? Touch it up with this Camouflage Stick!

Pro Tip: Use straight on the skin without foundation for those lazy days you want coverage but can't be bothered putting on a full face of makeup!

How to use

Twist base to reveal product, draw directly onto skin in desired area. The warmth from your skin combined with the products creamy consistency will help it easily glide straight on. Using fingertips or a small flat concealer brush blend product into skin.

Why we love it

• Corrects irregularities
• Camouflages and neutralises the red and blue zones
• Handy stick for on the go
• Ideal for fast touch-up