Brush Cleanser


Brush Cleanser

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Clean your brushes with this handy Brush Cleanser. This product is ideal for quickly cleaning your brushes, giving you more time to spend creating that perfect look!

Pro Tip: Fill a spray bottle with the Brush Cleanser for faster and easier cleaning

How to use

Take a tissue and pat some Brush cleanser on it. Move your brush over the tissue with a circular motion until it is clean.

Why we love it

  • Fast cleaning
  • Handy for makeup artists between applications
Isopropyl Alcohol, Petroleum Destittates.

Why choose us?

Professional Makeup

Our makeup is a wide professional grade range initially designed for use backstage and in the fashion industry. It is now available for absolutely everyone, from professional grade makeup artists to amateurs, and everyone in between.

Extensive Range

Our extensive range of colours and products including an endless supply of colour and over 50 shades of foundation is all cruelty free and hypoallergenic, and includes a tailored vegan range. If there's something you're after, you're going to find it here!

Made in Amsterdam

Quality makeup since the 1980s

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