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Brow Definer

Give your eyebrows shape and color with the Brow Definer. This Brow Definer provides precision and perfection with a natural-looking finish. The Brow Definer is long-lasting for beautiful eyebrows throughout the day!

The Brow Definer has a thin sharp point with which you can fill in the eyebrows precisely and sketch fine hairs. The color intensity is easy to build up and fade, creating perfect eyebrows in no time. Whether you want full brows or subtle thin eyebrows with the Brow Definer, it is all possible. The Brow Definer is long-lasting and waterproof, keeping your eyebrows in shape all day long.

How to use

With the sharp, thin point, draw a tight line below and above the eyebrows. Then place the point on the eyebrows and draw them further. You can determine the color intensity yourself, if you press the pencil tip harder, the color becomes darker. For a soft and natural result, sketch thin hairs between your own eyebrows.

Why we love it

  • Thin sharp point
  • Color intensity can be built up
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Waterproof
  • Natural eyebrows