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Bronzing Powder Lumière

Let your face shine with the Bronzing Powder Lumière. This beautiful bronzer ensures a sunny tan in No Time or ensures a "perfect shape"!

The Bronzing Powder Lumière is a baked, subtly shiny powder that creates a "sunkissed" effect. In addition, you can also use the bronzer to shape the face.

How to use

For a "sunkissed" effect, apply the bronzer with a (slanted) powder brush to the areas that are first reached by the sun's rays. For example your forehead (along your hairline), your nose, cheekbones and your chin. For a natural shape effect, follow the natural contours in the face, especially just below the cheekbones and along the hairline.

Why we love it

  • Subtle glossy bronzer
  • Three weeks of sunshine in three minutes
  • To be used as a shaper