The perfect pout is the ideal finishing touch to your makeup look. Using lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner, take an outfit from soft and natural to sexy and dramatic. Use only a clear lippy or overdraw your lips with lipliner before filling them in to create lips everyone will want to kiss! Go for the red lipstick to stand out, or for a nude lipstick if you like subtly colours. Want to go extreme? Go for the black lipstick… we guarantee it will pack a punch!

Make-Up Studio Amsterdam offers a range of different finishes and textures, glitter, gloss, matte or satin, and every shade imaginable to create your best smile. Lip products have been enriched with caring ingredients to keep lips pillowy and soft all day long.


These days lipstick comes in many different formulas and finished. Glossy lipsticks have a creamy texture and therefore keep your lips feeling comfortable. The powerful colours of the matte and liquid lipsticks are beyond intense and long-lasting without compromising the soft feeling. With more than 70 colours available, you will find the perfect shade to compliment your features.

Lip Gloss

A must have for kissable lips. Who wouldn’t want that! Make your lips look fuller by adding a bit of shine to your life. This is possible with our lip gloss collection. Gloss makes your lips look optically fuller. If you want to emphasise this effect even more, use a lip liner before applying the gloss. Lip gloss gives that bit of extra shine that you can use at any time and can be applied quickly and easily to complete a look.

Lip Liner

Lip liner helps you emphasise the perfect lip contour and ensures an even and natural result. You can correct the shape of your lips with a lip liner. If you want fuller lips, draw the line on the top of your lip edge. Always apply lip liner before applying lipstick to achieve the perfect crisp line, and also keep it from feathering throughout the day. The colour of your lip liner is very important, you don’t want a lip liner that doesn’t match your lipstick or lip gloss. If you can’t choose, opt for the invisible lip liner!