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Highlighter Palette

Highlighter Palette Peach Fusion
Highlighter Palette Peach Fusion
Highlighter Palette Pink Diamond
Highlighter Palette Pink Diamond

Keep up with the latest trends with a stunning highlighting palette. Featuring five unique shades that perfectly compliment any makeup look... the ultimate partner in shine! 

Pro Tip: The denser the brush used to apply the highlighter, the more striking and bold the result. For a subtle glow use a loose powder brush. For an even bolder look, try using the product with a damp brush or sponge.

How to use

Using a brush apply highlighter to the top of cheekbones, bridge of nose, top of cupids bow, under eyebrows and in the inner corner of eyes. Layer colours to create more unique and stunning shades.

Why we love it

  • All your favourite highlighter shades in one palette
  • Beautiful soft powder that blends perfects
  • Unique colours
  • Easy to apply