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Cream Face It Shaping Palette

Cream Face It Shaping Palette Light
Cream Face It Shaping Palette Dark
Cream Face It Shaping Palette Dark
Cream Face It Shaping Palette Light

Give your face the perfect shape with our Cream Face It Shaping Palette. The palette comes in two colour options, dark and light. With five colours that perfectly complement each other, you have everything you need in the one handy place. Both palettes include our must-have shade 'Banana' for all your brightening needs.

Pro Tip: Plan on using this product over setting powder or powder foundation? Then the powder version of this palette will be a better option for you. Cream products should only be used over liquid, other cream products or directly on the skin in order for them to blend seamlessly.

How to Use

Use a brush and / or a blending sponge to apply the cream products. Dark colours are used to contour and light colours to highlight or blend.

Why we love it

  • 5 beautiful colours to shape with
  • Two different options, light or dark, so everyone can find the perfect shades
  • High coverage
  • Can also be used as foundation