Face Makeup

Light to full coverage, glowy to matte, concealing to full face makeup… the options are limitless. Make-Up Studio Amsterdam is dedicated to providing the perfect shade range to suit every undertone and skin tone. No confusing colours or language, just the perfect professional grade products for your every need.

With our range of colour correctors, neutralizers, concealers, foundations, setting powders, setting sprays, blush, bronzer, and highlighter, we are here to supply Australia with the best products on the market. Use face products to create a perfectly smooth, pore-perfect base, to help you unleash your unique personality! Products are all hypoallergenic and cruelty free, with many also being vegan. Once applied, you will be left with flawless, shine-free, even-toned skin!


Primer is the basis for flawless, long-lasting makeup. Prepare your skin for seamless foundation application, leave it smooth by hiding any noticeable pores and imperfections. Our face primers provide nourishing moisture, contain UV-B, vitamin B or SPF 30 while being non greasy and quick absorbing.


Concealer and camouflage products are the solution to all your skin concerns! Cover red spots to dark circles under the eyes, scars, tattoos and more. It is important that camouflage products are well matched to the skin and undertone for even results.


It’s in the name… foundation makeup literally lays a foundation for the rest of your look. Ensure that the skin looks even in colour and texture. Unevenness, redness and other unwanted spots are covered. Foundation is available in many different forms: liquid, powder and cream with the perfect shade to match every skin colour and undertone.

Setting Powder

A good setting powder smooths and mattens the skin without being noticeable! It is used to fix base makeup products into place. Do you have oily skin, does your skin shine or do you want your foundation to stay in place all day? The use a setting powder.


A little blush on your cheeks can do wonders. Get a healthy flush, or a glowy-shiny effect. Blush comes out best when base makeup is smooth, and unevenness is perfectly camouflaged. Commonly found in powder or cream.

Bronzer and Highlighter

Get a sculpted look contouring with bronzer and highlighter. Work with darker and lighter shades to emphasise areas you want to make more noticeable and hide areas you don’t.

Setting Spray

Use a setting spray as the last step over your makeup so it lasts in place perfectly, all day long! Spray on a layer and voila, makeup that doesn’t fade, is waterproof and stays in place!