Eye Makeup

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not dress them up! Every eye shape demands its own unique style, so when it comes to these eye makeup products, there aren’t one-fits-all tutorials. The possibility with every product is beyond endless. Whether it’s a natural look using only mascara and eyeliner, or dramatic full glam makeup using every eyeshadow, glitter, pigment, eyeliner, mascara, false eyelash and eyeshadow mouse, Make-Up Studio Amsterdam has the perfect eye makeup product to let your creativity run wild!

Create a floating eyeliner, cat eyes, swipe a solid colour over your eyelid, perfectly blend a smokey eye, shine using glitter, stick to natural brown and bronze shades or go full colour with blues, pinks and yellow… whatever you can imagine, you can create! Eyeshadows have been specially formulated to work either wet or dry.


Give your lashes character. A good mascara improves what you aren’t satisfied with, whether it’s more volume, longer eyelashes or a strong curl, we have the perfect mascara. Each mascara brush has its own unique effect, developed using innovative technologies and enriched with caring ingredients.


Attract more attention using eyeliner to beautifully contour the eyes. Eyeliner can be applied in an abundance of ways to fashion your unique style. Make eyes optically smaller or larger by applying to either the waterline or tightline. Eyeliners come in many different forms: pencil, liquid or cream.


Eyeshadow is indispensable when creating a spectacular eye look. With eyeshadow it is important to choose a colour that matches your skin tone and eye colour. For brown eyes, warm colours and golden hues are stunning. Green eyes will shine with natural tones, and you want blue eyes to scream… choose cool shades of blue or grey. If you’re looking to combine different colours, don’t be stuck with shades you’ll never use, create your own palette and pick exactly what you want! Our eyeshadow makeup has every colour in the rainbow and every finish imaginable.

Pigments and Glitter

Whether it’s for a festival or for the holidays, glitter pigments always make for a dramatic look. Despite popular opinion, pigments and loose glitters aren’t only for the eyes, use them as a highlighter for an extra pop of shine, layer them on lipstick or lip gloss for a striking pout, mix them into gel to add pops of colour to hair, dust over décolletage for the perfect finishing touch to any outfit… the uses are endless!

False Eyelashes

Mascara not achieving the length or volume you want? False eyelashes are here to solve your problems! If you want false eyelashes that looks as natural as possible, choose artificial eyelashes that most closely resemble your own. Want eyelashes that stand out and steal the show? Then go for more extravagant lengths.