Good makeup starts with good brushes. If you want to create the perfect most flawless makeup, you’re going to need some tools that are up for the task. Our brushes are ideal for applying whatever stunning look you can imagine. With a range of synthetic and natural hair brushes, you will find whatever you need here. More of a sponge fan? We’ve got you covered, Make-Up Studio Amsterdam have sculpted the perfect beauty blender, with the perfect squishiness and contours get ready to fall in love!


Face brushed, because you need different brushes to create a beautiful makeup look. There are face brushes specifically for your foundation or highlighter, but there are also brushes suitable for other uses, in any shape, size or density you can imagine. The brush you use for your face makeup is very important for the end result.


Without the right eye brushes, it’s almost impossible to create a beautiful eye look. Make-Up Studio Amsterdam has a beyond extensive range of brushes for the eyes. These eyeshadow brushes are made of both natural and/or synthetic hair. Use an angled arch brush to draw clean lines in the arcade arch. To apply eyeshadow precisely and beautifully, use a flat eyeshadow brush. Blending eyeshadow is made simple with our blending brushes. Use a small brush for precision when applying eyeliner.


The eyebrow brush is an essential tool to create the perfect eyebrows! The right shape eyebrow can be created with eyebrow powder or eyebrow gel. Of course, you need the right brush to do that! Make-Up studio Amsterdam has different brushes to create your ideal brows. Even for the most stubborn stray hairs, there is a handy comb to separate and tame the hairs or lashes.


For perfectly shaped lips, the best way to apply is with a lip brush. There are many different lip brushes available to apply lipstick with. They are always slightly tapered so that clean lines can be created along the lip edge. Create a beautiful tight lip by using a contour lip brush from Make-Up Studio Amsterdam. They’re also perfect for on the go with their handy brush cover caps.