Brow Makeup

Raise brows when people see how strong your eyebrow game is. Follow the hottest trend and create fluffy brows, fill in any gaps or perfect the bold shape no matter what your style, create your dream eyebrows. Make-Up Studio Amsterdam’s eyebrow products come in a range of styles to suit every need, pick from powder and a fine brush, gel and a synthetic brush, a simple pencil or a waterproof retractable crayon.

No matter what product you favour, keep stray eyebrow hairs in check with clear eyebrow fix gel and its unique hair controlling formula. You will be set for the day!


Create fabulous eyebrows with brow powder. This hard-bakes eyebrow powder has a heavenly silky texture that can subtly and naturally colour and shape your eyebrows. Brow powders give more definition to your eyebrows and are simple to use. Pair with a small, angled brush for ultimate precision.


The easiest way to tame your eyebrows! Gel eyebrow products are extremely versatile. They can be used with a fine sturdy bristled brush to draw eyebrows, or with a softer angled brush to fill in eyebrows. With eyebrow gel you can achieve the strongest, boldest brows possible.

Pencil and Crayon

Quickly and easily create perfect eyebrows! An eyebrow pencil or crayon is THE tool you need if you want very natural or fuller eyebrows. You can draw natural hair in an upward motion for a nice subtle yet natural eyebrows or build up the formula to create bold, full brows.