Christmas Makeup Looks

Christmas Makeup Looks

It’s almost party time! The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning the perfect makeup look, whether that means just Christmas eye makeup or turning Christmas into a fully makeup Christmas. Don’t have anything in mind yet? Our beauty gurus at Make-Up Studio Amsterdam have picked two of our all-time favorite festive look tutorials so you don’t have to worry. Whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, or a picnic with friends and family, these tried and tested looks are guaranteed to be showstoppers!


Discover powerful copper tones with this Festive Copper Look! The copper look suits every outfit and can be created in no time! With this festive look you are guaranteed to shine through the crowd and light up every room you enter. Follow the steps below to steal all the spotlights!

GET THE LOOK: Copper Festive Look

  1. First, apply our Eye Primer. The soft texture smooths out your eyelids and ensures that the eyeshadow look even more intense. The primer also secures your eye-make up so it stays perfect all night.
  2. Let the fun begin! For this extravagant look, wet Brush No. 16 with a little bit of our Seal It, then dab it in the Color Pigment in the shade Copper. Apply this color pigment to your entire eyelid and crease. From the inner corner of the eye make a round motion to the outside and end in a wing. As an indication, you can extend out from the bottom waterline, so you can see exactly where the wing should end. Do this in a dabbing motion, this way the color applies even more opaque. If you want a more classic look simply blend the color pigment in your crease… simple as that!
  3. With the Eye Definer Eyeliner in shade Dark Brown, draw a line at the upper lash line and waterline. This makes the look more intense, and makes your eyelashes appear darker and fuller.
  4. Curl your lashes and apply a coat of False Lash Effect 4D Original Mascara. Complete the look with Fake Lashes for an extra statement.
  5. To make sure you make it through the holiday looking radiant, apply Bronzing Powder Lumiere in shade 2 under your cheekbones and on the top of your forehead. To really boost that sun-kissed, tanned look!
  6. With the Lumiere Highlighting Powder in shade Mystic Desert create a beautiful glow by applying it on the peak, or just above, the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and on the bridge of your nose. You will take the spotlight for sure!
  7. Finish the look with Lipstick in shade 53 and you are all set for the holidays!


Make up studio Christmas makeup


We know how busy it gets during the holiday season, there’s presents to buy, people to see, food to cook, so we have created a Simple Stunning Glam Holiday Look. The best part, it can be recreated with four easy steps, so you can go back to organizing knowing you will still be the shining center piece! Follow the steps below to recreate this alluring festive look.

GET THE LOOK: Simple Glam Holiday Look

  1. All good looks start with a good base! Start with our Face Prep Illuminating Primer to create the perfect smooth base for your foundation and give you 30 SPF protection from that sizzling Aussie sun. Apply Foundation and contour to your heart’s desire with our Powder Shaping Contour Palette.
  1. Apply Eyeshadow in the shade Dark Brown in the crease of your eyelid. Make sure to blend, blend, blend! You can leave it here or add a bit of shimmer by applying a light layer of Eyeshadow Lumiere in shade Mysterious Taupe over the whole eyelid. Or, for a real glitter punch, spray your brush with Make-Up Fixer Setting Spray then dip into your Eyeshadow Lumiere in shade Mysterious Taupe and apply to the inner corner of the eye. And hey, there’s no rules here, do both if you want to really elevate the look!
  2. Draw a tight winged liner with the Cream Eyeliner in shade Brown. Best thing about this product, apart from the super pigmented, creamy formula, the handy brush built right into the lid!
  3. No look is complete without a lippy and setting spray! Apply the Matte Liquid Lip Duo in shade Juicy Blackberry on the lips and finish with a coat of Lip-gloss Super shine in shade Transparent to get the perfect glossy pout. Spray with Make-Up Fixer Setting Spray to keep that stunning look your just created locked in place all day!


Love the Simple Stunning Glam Look but want to take it a step further, really elevate it for your Christmas makeup look?  Or maybe you want a bright lip rather than a dark lip? Maybe you just want to learn more Christmas makeup ideas. Add on these steps to take glam to GLAM! With a few tweaks and additions let’s take it up a notch.

  1. Let’s keep it simple and leave it the same as the Simple Stunning Glam Look! Start with our Face Prep Illuminating Primer to create the perfect smooth base for your foundation and give you 30 SPF protection from that sizzling Aussie sun. Apply Foundation and contour to your heart’s desire with our Powder Shaping Contour Palette.
  2. We still want to apply Eyeshadow in the crease of our eyelid, but this time use shade 429. Make sure to blend up towards the eyebrow towards the outer corner of the eye. Always start with a light layer of eyeshadow, blend well then add more if you want to darken. Using Brush No. 14 and Eyeshadow in the shade 107 apply a layer of eyeshadow to the whole eyelid, blending into the brown and up towards the eyebrow. This eyeshadow has a shimmer pearl finish so makes for a very glamourous Christmas eyeshadow! Get ready to take the shimmer up a notch, spray you brush with Make-Up Fixer Setting Spray before taking Eyeshadow Lumiere in shade Precious Pearl and blend over the entire eyelid, really focusing on the inner corner. Spraying your brush with setting spray is going to help all those beautiful glitter pigments to latch the eyelid and stay in place all day long.
  3. Let’s change up the tight eyeliner for a wing! Winged eyeliner takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it you will be creating cat eyes every time you go out. Using Liquid Eyeliner or the Precise Eyeliner Pen start from the inner corner of the eye and slowly trace as close to the lash line as possible. Take your time with this! Use small strokes rather than one long swipe across the lash line. Also, don’t go too big too fast, always start with a thin line then add, it’s a lot easier to go thicker than to go thinner. Once you have traced across the entire lash line it’s time to add the flick. Starting from the outer corner of your eye, imagine the line you’re about to draw as an extension of your bottom lash line. Follow that invisible line out, keeping the line as straight as possible. Remember to extend out the same amount on both eyes! You can always add a small piece of tape from the corner of the eye out or use the handle of a spoon as a stencil, to make sure the line is perfectly straight. Next connect from the end of the line to the middle of the middle of the upper lash line, or the highest point of the upper lash line. Now simply fill in the wing and voila! The perfect winged liner!
  4. Switch out the dark lip for a bright red lip by using Matte Liquid Lip Duo in shade Sincerely Red.
  5. Finish with Make-Up Fixer Setting Spray and you’re done!

Whether you’re planning a massive raging party or just a casual get together with family and friends this holiday season, be confident that your makeup will be on point! Christmas day makeup and New Year’s Eve makeup is covered, now all you have to do is plan your outfit. Glimmer, shimmer and blow everyone away with your Festive Copper Look or Simple Stunning Glam Holiday Look. Remember you can always change the colors to make the style uniquely you, there’s nothing holding you back!