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Vintage Glam

Designers take an artistic approach to fall 2011 by combining bright colours with neutrals. Moreover, there is a certain romance to this season’s colour palette.

Fashion designs incorporate both old and new influences, creating an intriguing balance between colours. The interest in making everything old new again stems from the current economy.

One of the colour palettes for the fall/winter season is inspired by human colouring, such as the blues, irises and browns that can be seen in eye colour and the pink browns and roses in skin tone.

This specific colour palette has multiple purposes and is translated in Make-up Studio’s Trend collection fall/winter 2011. Vintage is one of the key words in the Trend collection. By using the colours from the collection in a subtle way a romantic look can be easily created. A true vintage look in coherence with Paris in the twenties.

L’amour and glamour; two words that go closely together. Especially, taking into account to the versatility of the products from the Trend collection. The romantic day look can be changed into a glamour night look without much effort and by using the same products again.

This season’s Trend collection includes another duo eye shadow: the Eyeshadow Lumière Duo Eye-am-brilliant. This amazing eyeshadow consists of a powdry pink colour and grey colour with multi colour effect.

The powdry pink colour fits this fall’s colour palette perfectly and is applied onto the eyelid and under the eyebrows. Thanks to the structure of the eye shadow it can also be used moist for a more intense finish. In addition, the duo eyeshadow contains a grey colour with a magnificent multi colour finish. This colour can be applied both under the eyes or onto the eyelid. A surprising glance is the result of the multi colour effect.

After the succesful launch of the Fluid Liner Sparkling Purple from the summer 2011 collection Make-up Studio now introduces another new colour: the Fluid Liner Sparkling Blue. This deep blue coloured fluid eyeliner has an amazing metallic finish and a firm tip which makes it easy to draw a perfect line.

When it comes to the lips Make-up Studio has selected two lipstick colours that fit this fall’s fashion colour palette perfectly: Sweet Plum for a true ‘vintage’ look and Pink-a-licious for a feminine glamour look. The lips become power powerful in combination with the Lipgloss Icy Lips from the Trend collection. Combine the lipgloss with the Lipstick Pink-a-licious for icy lips.

Whether you are in a romantic or glamour mood, you will survive winter with Vintage Glam!

Watch how we create the look

Here's what you'll need to complete the look

  • Eyeshadow Lumiere Eye Am Brilliant
  • Fluid Liner Sparkling Blue
  • Lipgloss Icy Lips
  • Lipstick Pinkalicious
  • Lipstick Sweet Plum

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