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Sun goddess banner

Sun Goddess

“Be nothing less than a Goddess!”

This summer, the extravagant and over the top is back in contrast to the minimal chic that we have seen the last few seasons. Everything is now about YOU!
At Make-up Studio we love to discover how we can mix different colors and textures. It is our personal mission to help you find your own unique personality and look your best.

We welcome the era of strong women. Our motto: rule the universe not only the world!
We have transformed a stunning ‘haute couture’ look to create a beautiful, summer makeup look for every day. Try it for yourself!

Get inspired by our colorful and powerful ‘Sun Goddess’ make-up collection Summer 2014. This season your eyes are the center of attention with our dramatic matte Eyeshadow Trio ‘Artemis’ which consists of a combination of intense pigmented colors such as purple, violet and orange. Colors that make you more powerful and ensure that you always succeed like the heroic warrior, Artemis.

With the Eyeshadow Lumière Duo ‘Hera’ you have strong metallic silver and bronze which mixes with the Eyeshadow Trio ‘Artemis’. The Eyeshadow Lumière Duo ‘Hera’ is a baked not pressed enabling you to also use it wet.

Bronze like a goddess this summer! For a silky, sparkling effect select Make-up Studio Shimmer Effect ‘Bronze’ as highlight on the Cheek Bone. Finish this look with sultry lips like Aphrodite. Lipstick ‘Aphrodite’ is soft, creamy and long lasting. With ‘Aphrodite’ on your lips you can conquer love and beauty.
Make your look complete with nails as the vengeful goddess Nemesis. Choose the colour ‘Nemesis’ and make sure that your revenge just as sweet!

Combined with fashion accessories such as airy lace, artistic prints or a must-have chunky metallic jewellery. Be nothing less than a goddess!

Here's what you'll need to complete the look

  • Eyeshadow Lumiere Duo Hera
  • Eyeshadow Trio In Box Type B Artemis
  • B Shimmer Effect Bronze
  • Lipstick Aphrodite
  • Nail Colour Nemesis Cap

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