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Cat Walk Eyes

Unlimited creativity

On the international catwalks – source of all makeup trends – there were colorful and sometimes dramatic makeup looks. With that in mind we designed Cat Walk Eyes the artistic and creative look for 2014-2015. Creativity and individuality is what it is all about.The woman of today is sure of herself and radiates this with a resolute femininity and a clear speaking makeup. The street is her catwalk.

Statement piece: the double eyeliner.This gives an intense sultry look and makes you think of ‘cat eyes’.Powerful women such as Angelina Jolie, Doutzen Kroes and even Marilyn Monroe, who was far ahead of her time, have been identified with this look.

Do we need to say more?
Be creative, experiment and create your own catwalk-eyes!



Back this winter: striking dark-colored eye shadow and a modern version of the ‘cat eyes’ eyeliner.In line with the DNA of Make-up Studio, we have chosen an artistic double eyeliner.In combination with hints of metallic and a touch of bright shimmer this makes a statement wintry beauty.

For this collection we have used 3 different eyeshadow products. The Designer Duo Eyeshadow Lumière Olive & Prune, Couture Colour Pigments Copper and Eyeshadow Wet & Dry Runway Rockin ‘Mauve.

Eyeshadow Lumière – Designer Duo Olive & Prune
The exciting color combination of olive green and russet result in a bold eye makeup. A very intense color, super shiny baked eyeshadow that are not dusty. Also beautiful when used wet to make the colors more intense and longer lasting.

Colour Pigments – Couture Copper
Be Amazed by Colour Pigments! This loose, shiny, pure pigment powders are super intense and are an undiscovered treasure. Apply the powders just like an eyeshadow or as a gorgeous shimmer effect over an eyeshadow and let your eyes shine. The metallic effect in this look is created by using Couture Colour Pigments Copper.

Aanbrengen Oogschaduw

Make-up tutorial winter make-up

Aanbrengen Lipstick









Wet & Dry Eyeshadow – Runway Rockin ‘Mauve
This matte eye shadow color is very intense due to the high pigmentation and can also be applied wet for an even more powerful result. For a look that rocks on every runway!

Fluid Liner – Backstage Black>
The perfect eyeliner for a tight line! With a solid point that is easy to use this Fluid Liner is indispensable for this modern version of ‘cat eyes’. For a strong and intense gaze we chose ‘Backstage Black’.

Lipstick – Pret a Porter Prune
In addition to the eyes, lips also receive our full attention. This dark plum colored lipstick is easy to apply, super smooth, keeps lips soft and is long lasting. Lipstick Pret a Porter Prune has a matte finish.

Nail Colour – Very Important Plum

These opaque nail polish with shiny metallic finish and fine brush for easy application makes the 2014 winter collection complete. The gorgeous deep red-purple color fits well in the luxurious feel of the trend. Nail Colour Very Important Plum gives a finishing touch to any look and turns you into an instant VIP!

Here's what you'll need to complete the look

  • Ph0609_t5 Eyeshadow Lumiere Designer Duo Olive Prune E1425902571196
  • Ph10940_438 Eyeshadow In Box Type B 438 E1425902551204
  • Ph1200_t5 Lipstick Pret A Porter Prune E1425902561872
  • Ph9911_sb Fluid Liner Sparkling Black E1425902540539
  • Ph10760_107 Nail Colour 107 E1425902516221

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