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Perfect Brows

Perfect Brows tip & tricks

Getting the Perfect Brow doesn’t have to be hard. Just follow these 4 easy steps to brow perfection everytime.

4 Steps to Brow Perfection.

1. Choose your Brow Stencil
To determine which Brow Stencil suits your face, put the Brow Stencil onto your natural eyebrow and select the stencil that shows most of your natural brow through the cutout.


Perfect brows Make-up Studio

2. Colour your eyebrows

Align the selected Brow Stencil with points 1 and 2, as seen on the image and hold it Brow Stencil with your middle and index fingers. Use the Brow Brush to dab the Brow Powder onto your entire brow. Remove the Brow Stencil, shake it and repeat with the other eyebrow.

3. Shape your beautiful eyebrows
Use the tweezers to pluck the hairs outside the powdered area.
4. Apply a subtle highlight 

Use the Highlighter Brush to apply the Highlighter Eyeshadow under brows so you pretty eyebrows better come into their own.

Here's what you'll need to complete the look

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