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Vanilla Sky Fusion

Vanilla Sky Fusion
March 2015 Trend Collection
So hypnotizing, this inspiring, dreamy and daring look is all that you’ll need this Autumn.

Nude 2.0
Vanilla Sky Fusion is the long awaited answer to the nude makeup trend 2.0, suitable for anyone at any time. This makeup look with it’s mystical colors are timeless with a global elegance.

The beautiful shades of our Vanilla Sky Fusion makeup collection work magic for all ages. It is all about Fusion: an amalgamation of natural makeup colors combined with light pastel green, lilac, and of course a little touch of bronze and gold.


Eyeshadow Duo Holographic Sphere

Eyeshadow Duo – Holographic Sphere

Yes ladies, it’s finally there! The Eyeshadow Holographic Sphere is a shiny baked eyeshadow in a spectacular combination of colors! Different shades of gold, bronze and green give your eyes a heavenly look.

Eyeshadow Trio - Fusion Illusion

Eyeshadow Trio – Illusion Fusion

This trio of matte and glossy eye shadows are super intense, thanks to the high pigment content.  Want even more colour then just use wet for a more intense result. Ladies, no illusion or confusion, this is a true mirage for every glance!

Lila Lipstick

Lipstick – Lilac Airy

Sensual, kissable lips with this Airy Lilac Lipstick! A new impressive and elegant lilac lipstick color that completely steals the show. The perfect lipstick, easy to apply, feels good, keeps lips smooth and long lasting and with a matte finish.

Blusher Lumiere - Bizar Bronze

Blusher Lumiere – Bizarre Bronze

A very intense and super shiny blush! Unlike the classic blusher, this product is baked instead of pressed, so it doesn’t create any dropout.  Bizarre Bronze gives you an enviable, natural look with a bright bronze complexion.

Nail Colour- Squeaky Clean

Nail Colour – Squeaky Clean

Make your look nude 2.0 complete with this fashionable beauty must-have: The Squeaky Clean nail polish! It is a vibrant, yet soft and natural color to your fingertips.



Here's what you'll need to complete the look

  • Eyeshadow Duo Holographic Sphere E1425904559480
  • Eyeshadow Trio Fusion Illusion E1425904547858
  • Blusher Lumiere Bizar Bronze E1425904493420
  • Lipstick Airy Lilac E1425904537457
  • Nail Colour 100 E1425904524595

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