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Highlighting and Shading tips and tricks

Shape it!

Contouring is big at the moment but exactly what is it? and how do you do it at home? Well contouring is the use of lighter and darker shades of creams and powders to shape your face and bring out certain features. E.g you get rid of double chins, thin out your nose, shorten a large forehead or make your cheekbones pop! The effect can be particularly spectacular. Celebrities do it all the time and its a trick makeup artists have been using for years!

There are several contouring products that can be used, each with its own effect:

For the most dramatic effect, shape with concealer or Face-It Cream Foundation .

By shaping with light and dark colors of liquid foundation you get a natural effect.

For a more subtle everyday look, use powder .We Love ‘Banana’ Powder under the eyes.


Shapen techniek, tips & tricks


Shaping with concealer

Apply a dark concealer ( no. 4 ) to shadows (see dark stripes on image). Then apply a light concealer ( no. 1 or Banana ) to highlight (see light lines and areas on image)

Blend the concealer with the Polish Foundation Brush (no. 36)

Finish with you favourite foundation and powder.


Face shaping with liquid foundation

Apply a light (like vanilla) and dark (like Mocca) liquid foundation (No Transfer Foundation) as shown in the illustration. Blend this with the Polish Brush or Perfect Blending Sponge until no hard lines are visible. Powder through the T-Zone with Natural Silk Perfection Powder or Translucent Powder.


Face shaping with powder

After applying your favorite foundation and lightly powdering you can then highlight and shade with powders. Use our specially designed Powder Highlighting and Shading Palettes using the illustration above. Or for a more natural look try our highlighting and shading box.


Highlighting Favourites

You can also use the shimmer effects to give a gorgeous shiny gloss to the cheekbones or if you are after a more glittery highlight try Gold Reflecting Powder.  A Makeup Artist all time favourite is our Highlighting Powder, perfect for the cheekbone, brow bone and as a eyeshadow.

Here's what you'll need to complete the look

  • Cream Light
  • Cream Dark
  • Powder Light
  • Powder Dark

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