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City Splendour

Join Make-up Studio on tour passing the international catwalks of London, Paris, Milan, New York, Madrid and Amsterdam; the home city of Make-up Studio.

Make-up Studio takes you to the vibrating heart of Amsterdam; the city of doves at the Dam Square, grand mansions and nice shopping streets. But also the city of fashion, colours and entertainment.

Stroll through the streets of Amsterdam, enjoy a nice walk through the Vondelpark or visit one of the many museums. Hop on board for a boat trip through the Amsterdam canals. Enjoy life and choose for luxury. Take a ‘cruise’ through the canals: on a luxury boat where champagne is being served upon your request.

Amsterdam; city of no limits. Just like the make-up for Fall/Winter 2010 which enables you to create any look you desire.

The fashion trends for Fall 2010 show a lot of black in various colour tones: black ‘paillettes’, metallic black, grey black black pearls and many other varieties. In addition, the fashion from the catwalks shows us a combination of different materials used: soft tissues such as silk and satin combined with rough materials such as wool and linen.

The mostly black garments are complemented with cool colours such as violet, grey and aubergine. The make-up in this case is complementary, meaning that the colours in the make-up reinforce the colours used in the garments and accessories.

This also applies to the colours from the Fall/Winter Trend look by Make-up Studio: City Splendour.

Make-up Studio has chosen the Natural Liner grey for the base of the Trend make-up. In addition, a new colour will be introduced within the range of the recently introduced Eyeshadow Moondust: Volcano. This grey pink colour can be applied over the Natural Liner and its beautiful sparkles give the eyes an amazing covering.

Especially for the Fall look Make-up Studio launches a new type of Eyeshadow Lumière: the Eyeshadow Lumière Duo Touch of Green. Like the name says this duo eye shadow consists of two beautiful green colours which you can use in different ways. For example by using the dark green on the eyelid and the light green is applied under the eyebrow as a highlight.

The Eyeshadow Moondust Volcano and Eyeshadow Lumière Duo Touch of Green combine beautifully and are therefore used in both looks. Finally, City Splendour includes two existing products for the lips, both in beautiful new colours. The long lasting Durable Lip Fluid Mystery ensure beautiful coloured lips no all day long. The Lipstick Urban Chic creates powerful lips, perfect for a night in the city.

With City Splendour you can create a look for every occasion.

Watch how we create the look

Here's what you'll need to complete the look

  • Durable Lip Fluid Mystery
  • Eyepencil Natural Liner
  • Eyeshadow Lumiere Duo Touch Of Green
  • Eyeshadow Moondust Volcano
  • Giftbox
  • Lipstick Urban Chic

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